Our vision to create a sustainable tomorrow is now coming to life. A brand by MP Birla Jute, offers a wide range of products that combine sustainability with fashion by minimizing the impact on our environment. Idori is a step towards our vision for a better tomorrow.



What if we told you that you could save the world with fashion? When you wear something made of jute, you wear something that also benefits the environment. In fact, designers and fashion connoisseurs praise this material due to its sturdy nature and natural golden hue.


Did you know that jute actually contributes to more oxygen? A hectare of jute plants can consume roughly 15 tonnes of carbon dioxide while releasing 11 tonnes of oxygen. Apart from that, jute is 100% biodegradable, recyclable, compostable and leaves zero adverse impacts on the environment after its use.


Cultivation of jute accounts for the income of more than 40 lakh families and even more that are engaged in other aspects besides cultivation. Apart from the monetary benefits, it serves as a means of employment, enhances soil fertility and can increase the productivity of other crops when rotated.


Can plastic do without its long-term repercussions?
Can paper do without the cutting of trees?

Jute can, effortlessly.

Jute is an organic game-changer that is a natural alternative to your needs without a negative impact on the environment.